September 2018 (Issue 25)

Pasasalamat sa Ikalawa, Hamon sa Ikatlo by Jude Ortega
Stoked: Sixteen Works from Young Writers by Estrella Taño Golingay

The World Keeps Spinning by John Gied Calpotura
Sa Kaunting Panahon ni Gerard E. Distor
Thorn by Irish L. Petipit
Bahaghari ni Bryant Lee Niervo Morales
Just Me, You, and the Moon by Edzelyn Oñate

Ukay-ukay by Angelo Serrano
A Walk on the Ramp by Mark Vincent M. Lao

My Shadow by Erron Marc A. Hallarsis
Dark Adaptations by Mary Antonette P. Fuentes
Halimaw sa Dilim ni Adrian Arendon
Monsters by Xaña Angel Eve M. Apolinar
Mother Kept Me Awake by Yumi Ilagan
The Rose by Reylan Gyll J. Padernilla
si yolanda ni Marianne Hazzale J. Bullos
Lust by Jo-ed E. Evangelista
Ritwal at Dalangin ng Hamog ni Adrian Pete Medina

Editors and Contributors



August 2018 (Issue 24)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Magatos a Badas by Mubarak M. Tahir
YOLO-gy by Mariz J. Leona

Paano Magsakay ng Tricycle sa General Santos City
by Jade Mark Capiñanes

Kabacan Blues by Gerald Galindez

The Smell of the After Storm by Kwesi M. Junsan

Editor and Contributors


July 2018 (Issue 23)

Introduction by Tarie Sabido

War Makes Me Sad by Mary Ann Ordinario
Anito Files by Boon Kristoffer Lauw

The Confrontation by Andrea D. Lim

Ang Buaya sa Marsh by Marianne Hazzale J. Bullos
Nabasa by Alvin Pomperada

Editors and Contributors


June 2018 (Issue 22)

Introduction by Paul Randy P. Gumanao

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Erwin Cabucos
Manika by Mubarak Tahir

Layers by Christine Joy G. Aban
To recreate that which I had seen in a dream by Almira Caryl Jane A. Calvo
Astral Demise by Florence Dianne D. Samson
Antler Series by Julius Marc Taborete
Makeup Kit by Mubarak Tahir

Liar Goes to Hell by Allan Jay Dignadice

Editors and Contributors


May 2018 (Issue 21)

Introduction by Jade Mark Capiñanes

Medyasyon sa Matutum by Rio Alma
Tnalak by Mark Angeles
Sa Dalampasigan ng General Santos City by Reparado B. Galos III
Mula sa Kaniyang Humango sa Kanilang Lahat by Jeric F. Jimenez
Hydraulics by Jose Victor Peñaranda

Water and Glass by Johanna Michelle Lim

Ang Lihim ng Nakasimangot na Maskara by Rogelio Braga
Sa Likod ng Ngiti ni Joy by Ralph Jake T. Wabingga
Migo by Bernadette V. Neri

Editors and Contributors


April 2018 (Issue 20)

Introduction by Eric Gerard H. Nebran

The Border Express by Mikhael M. Labrador
Riding a Tricycle by Noel Pingoy

Su mga Ngiyawa kanu Inged by Mubarak Tahir
Internal Change by Lance Isidore Catedral
Skysea by Saquina Karla C. Guiam
adobo is my favorite dish by Benj Marlowe Cordero
An Open Letter to J. Catolico Street by Marc Jeff Lañada
Survived a Bullet by Claire Monreal
Superficial Swim by Joan Victoria Cañete
The Ascension by Patrick Jayson Ralla
Duha ka Balak by Paul Randy Gumanao

Black and White by Mariz Leona
Something Sad by Boon Kristoffer Lauw
Lights of Different Colors by Erwin Cabucos

Editors and Contributors


March 2018 (Issue 19)

Introduction by Andrea D. Lim

The Road by Rossel Audencial
Dead Lazy by Hope Daryl Talib

Amalia by Jerome Cenina
Quiero estar by Marie-Luise Coroza Calvero
Inig Kita Kanimo by Joana Galila
Timpo Saguna by Merhana Macabangin

First Aid by Mariz Leona
Twenty-Two-Hectare Treasure by Ira Shayne Salvaleon
Ice Candy by Jhessa Gales

Editors and Contributors


February 2018 (Issue 18)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Jamir, a screenplay by Genory Vanz Alfasain
Kuala’s Song,” a poem by Gerald Galindez

Kastifun,” a song by Silek
Two Songs by Kim Nathaniel Tan
Frédéric,” an essay-and-short-story by Kurt Joshua Comendador

Susi, a painting-and-poem by Aldrick Lawrence Velasco
Minsan sa May Bagsakan, photo poetry by Hajar Kabalu
One More Customer,” a poem by Paolo Concepcion
If Curiosity Kills,” a poem by Jermaine Dela Cruz

Hapagkainan, a play by Jim Raborar
Hikbi ng Batang Matador,” a poem by Dan Joseph Zapanta Rivera
Ang Bida,” a poem by John Dominic Arellano

Pangatlong Mata” by Hannah Adtoon Leceña
Ako si Dan” by Dan Joseph Zapanta Rivera

Editor and Contributors


January 2018 (Issue 17)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

Survival by Al-faidz Omar
Slaughter by Krizza Nadine A. Calmerin
Chatkat by Jonamari Kristin Ordinario-Floresta

A Dream in a Minor Key by Kurt Joshua O. Comendador

Misfortune by Jerome Cenina
Kamatayon by PG Murillo
Kem Ngà by Ryan Christian Dulay Tuan
Sising & Ulyang
by Merhana Macabangin

Editor and Contributors


December 2017 (Issue 16)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Aden Bon Besen Uyag-Uyag by Mubarak Tahir

Heneral by Estrella Taño Golingay
Tagu-taguan by Blesselle Fiel

San Gerardo and the Exocoetidae by Gerald Galindez
Cotabato by Allen Samsuya
Sometimes on the Road to Kidapawan by Paul Randy Gumanao

Pagda-dwaya by Norman Ralph Isla

Editor and Contributors


November 2017 (Issue 15)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

Sometimes Suicidal, Mostly Booze by Jermaine Dela Cruz
Idlip by Patrick Jayson Ralla
Perpetual Friction by Michael John Otanes
Breakwater Girls by Saquina Karla C. Guiam

Mother and Son by Lance Isidore Catedral
Remembering Ama by Gutierrez Mangansakan II

Nowhere Room by Kristine Ong Muslim
Sirena by Mark Sherwin Castronuevo Bayanito
The Crying Walls of San Lorenzo by Erwin Cabucos

Editor and Contributors


October 2017 (Issue 14)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Koronadal Horror Story by Matt S. F. Jones
Fireflies by Adonis Hornoz
Nowheresville by Jonathan Susvilla
How I Remember Us by Gian Carlo Licanda
Mithi by Boon Kristoffer Lauw

Hide and Seek by John Dominic Arellano
Two Poems on Extrajudicial Killings by David Jayson Oquendo
Karinderya by Kiel Mark Guerrero

Editor and Contributors


September 2017 (Issue 13)

Pangangailangan ng Alinlangan by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac
A Year of a Hundred Little Steps by Jude Ortega

像你父親的花園裡的月亮花 by Andrea D. Lim
Two Mindanao Poems by Generoso Opulencia
Swing, Swing by John Dominic Arellano
A Prayer by Kloyde Caday
Cow No. 7 by Kristine Ong Muslim
When the Soul Sleeps: Two Poems by Jermaine Dela Cruz
Tienes el alma más hermosa and other Poems by Marie-Luise Coroza Calvero
We are Careful by Michael John C. Otanes
#BigasHindiBala by Saquina Karla C. Guiam

Ang Call Center Sister by Hiyasmin Gabriela Espejo
Ikalimang Berdeng Lobo by Leo Dominic Padua

No Escape by David Jayson Oquendo
Scrutiny by Emmylou Shayne Layog
Tilapyang Puti by Genory Vanz Alfasain
Sa Idalom sang Bulan by Mariz Leona
Katipunan by Mark Sherwin Castronuevo Bayanito
Why is Pig’s Nose Flat? by Mary Ann Ordinario-Floresta
Sa Kalsada by Paul Randy P. Gumanao (trans., Karlo Antonio Galay David)
Kukum by Sharmin Tanael

A Familiar Haunting on Christmas by Gilbert Tan
Abal by Jade Mark Capiñanes
To the Mouse I Shall Be Dissecting this Afternoon by Lance G. Catedral
Sharing Soul Stories in Sabtang by Noel Pingoy
Quantum Leap by Rossel Audencial



August 2017 (Issue 12)


Kaagi by Melissa P. Barientos
#ReminderParaKayFuture by Larry Illich N. Souribio
Cigarettes and Ashes by Patrick Jayson L. Ralla

Stars in the Ceiling by Gian Carlo Cagaanan Licanda

Better This Way by Spencer Pahang
Tulay Buayan by Genory Vanz Alfasain

Editors and Contributors


July 2017  (Issue 11)

Introduction by Andrea D. Lim

Paltos by Nikko Ladera

Shoebox by John Gied Calpotura
Number 69 Jersey Shorts by Genory Vanz Alfasain

Of Trees and Paper by Hazel-Gin Lorenzo Aspera

Editors and Contributors


June 2017 (Issue 10)

Introduction by Jade Mark B. Capiñanes

5-5-5 by Alvin D. Pomperada
Tayhop by Louise Ouano

The Girl Under the Mango Tree by Mariz Leona

Courage in a Piece of Cloth by Mayamen B. Hashmin
What Cars Might Mean by David Jayson Oquendo

Editors and Contributors


May 2017  (Issue 9)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

Bulan by Jim C. Raborar

Sukli by Andrea D. Lim
In the Presence of My Enemies by Generoso Opulencia

A Short History of Nearly Every Window I Have Once or Twice
Contemplated Throwing Myself out Of by Jade Mark Capiñanes

Sugarcoat by John Gied Calpotura
Tawag by Mark Sherwin Castronuevo Bayanito

Editors and Contributors


April 2017 (Issue 8)

Introduction by Paul Randy Gumanao

Kung Ako ang Pasultihon by Hannah A. Leceña
Instagram by Paolo Concepcion

Gravitational Pull by Michael John Otanes
10:33 AM by John Gied Calpotura
Death Mask by Rossel M. Audencial

The Accidental Writer by Kloyde A. Caday

Editors and Contributors


March 2017  (Issue 7)

Introduction by Saquina Karla C. Guiam

Trimester Epiphanies by Jermafe Kae Prias

Sa Kabilang Dulo ng Baril by Mariz Leona
Ig-agaw by Hannah A. Leceña
The Girl by Rossel M. Audencial

Farewell to Grief by Ma. Jocedel Zulita

Editors and Contributors


February 2017  (Issue 6)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

On Your 68th Birthday by Generoso Opulencia
Sea by David Jayson Oquendo
Bonifacio Arsonisto by Gerald Galindez
Ang Putang Inang Bayan by Doren John Bernasol

Swollen Lymph Node by Michael John Otanes

Editors and Contributors


January 2017  (Issue 5)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

A Portrait of a Young Man as a Banak by Jade Mark Capiñanes
Other Disclosures by Noel Pingoy

Uma by Mariz Leona

Early Morning in Surallah by Estrella Taño Golingay
Homesickness by Andrea D. Lim

Editors and Contributors


December 2016  (Issue 4)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

Rorate Coeli by Generoso Opulencia
Hindi Kayo Mga Pangalan Lamang by Maureen Gaddi dela Cruz

Notes of an Expat by Angeli Savas

The Bleached Hills of Cotabato by Erwin Cabucos
Pangarap ni Ija by Doren John Bernasol

Editors and Contributors


November 2016  (Issue 3)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Trail by Estrella Taño Golingay
Daughter by Estrella Taño Golingay
Oras sang Panira by Generoso Opulencia
Hinakop nga Haiku by Generoso Opulencia
Little Statue by Adonis Hornoz
Above the Clouds by Florence Jay Salcedo

Day of Mourning by Jude Ortega

Editors and Contributors


October 2016  (Issue 2)

Introduction by M.J. Cagumbay Tumamac

Si Nene at Ako sa Pagitan ng Gabi at Liwanag by Estrella Taño Golingay
To a Son Learning the Art of Cooking by Generoso Opulencia
Regarding Flowers from La Trinidad by Generoso Opulencia
Image of the Dancer by Rita Gadi
The Lady of October by Rita Gadi
Mga Tulang Hugot by Alvin Pomperada

A Quest to Recapture the Spirits by Jude Ortega
The Horror House by Prescilla Dorado
Mga Kuwentong Hugot by Jude Ortega

Editors and Contributors


September 2016  (Issue 1)

Introduction by Jude Ortega

Kutabatu by Rita Gadi
Four Kinaray-a Poems by Generoso Opulencia

Becoming a Hematologist by Noel Pingoy

Killing the Issue by Karlo Antonio Galay David

Crimson Crescents by Gilbert Yap Tan
Ang Paborito ni Daddy by Nal Andrea Jalando-on
Touch Move by Karlo Antonio Galay David

Editors and Contributors