Oh, My Mandarangan

By Vincent Carlo Duran Cuzon

I was on the way
to the peak
of the great Apo
when I saw you—
Oh, my Mandarangan.

You were seducing me
to be with you.
It was a sacrifice of my time.
But your eyes were gleaming.
I obeyed.
Oh, my Mandarangan.

I lost sight of the peak.
I followed your trail
for the longest time.
How I loved the warm vents you showed me
And the fogs we created.
Oh, my Mandarangan.

I decided to move out
from us.
I tried to focus on the peak again.
Oh, the long struggle.
I tried to get closer to the peak.
But I wanted you.
Oh, my Mandarangan.

Now, I’m trying to get your attention
Let’s begin—again.
Take me to the warm vents.
You just summoned the cold—
Cold winds of Apo

And from a short distance,
Darago is impaling me
with fierce eyes.
Oh, the stupid me.
You should have told me.
Oh, my Mandarangan.

I regret
That I chose the peak
Over your warm vents.
How I wish to be there
With you,
Create the fogs we loved
Oh, my Mandarangan.

It hurts.
Thank you.
How I wish you would
Don’t look back.
Oh, my Mandarangan.