To recreate that which I had seen in a dream

By Almira Caryl Jane A. Calvo

To recreate that which I had seen in a dream,
I’m going to paint the skies with a stroke of my pen,
Write trees and line them with thoughts from my brush,
Canvas the seas with iridescent hues of sand,
And fold flowers from thin sheets of rain.

Cut the stars with mud and clay,
Shape and mold the mountains with scissors,
Pry the light from day—I’ll use my fingers
And stick the warmth to cold with glue.

I will

Weigh the Sun and Moon,
Measure the vastness of the universe,
I’ll trace the air we breathe,
And count the number of stars through a cup.

I will do it all in one sitting,
Filing all in the clattering of labelled buttons,
In one millionth speed it shall end,
And, like a star gone nova, I’ll realize.