San Gerardo and the Exocoetidae

By Gerald Galindez

Flying fish without a dying wish,
How you glimmer, shimmer.
Pearly scales set ablaze upon the sun,
Against the sunburnt skies,
Swooshing above the swelling waves
You caught my eyes to wander far and deep.
Flying fish,
you leave without a dying wish,
held my wonder of the sea,
the vast and deep eternal sea—
your eyes—
Flying fish.
Nimble fish.
You glide across the ocean wide
Brought me love, brought me joy
Ever since I was a boy
Of all the things I so enjoy,
Was your swift glide—
Your smooth and graceful dive,
He would point you in the sea line
I could barely track your flight.
He would let me see until I saw
Your crystal wings of awe

You held me in your silver fins
We dive the depths of trenches deep,
We reached the tides azure—
Where the sandy floors of powder white
Projects the dancing lights,

Flying fish,
My precious fish
My life, my friend,
Taught me how a life should end,
You hid your pains inside your scales so I could live
You let me swim, you let me breathe.

Your eyes—
Two keen orbs—
They reach the heart’s core
I’ve not spoken love to you—
Forever in debt to you—
Take your wings,
set sail
As I hear the ocean wail
her last ululating song—
golden coins for your journey long.


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