Three Love Poems

by Marie-Luise Coroza Calvero (Poetry)

Tienes el alma más hermosa que he conocido.
Nunca había sentido que un alma pudiera conmoverme —
tan profundo que siento que el tiempo alrededor de mí podría detenerse,
y solo una única existencia podría despertar mi alma
y traer vida a mi ser.
Es tan profundo que no puedo describir más con palabaras:
solo con lágrimas y caricias;
con miradas amorosas
y besos suaves y apasionados;
con sonrisas tranquilas y con pensamientos mutuos —
pensamientos que no decimos en voz alta,
sino solo sentimos.

You have the most beautiful soul I have ever known.
I had never felt that a soul could move me —
So deep that I feel that time around me could stop,
and that only a single existence could awaken my soul,
and bring life to my being.
So deep that I cannot describe more with words:
only with tears and caresses;
with loving looks
and soft and passionate kisses;
with quiet smiles and mutual thoughts —
thoughts that we do not say out loud,
but only feel.


Like Lost Words

Bittersweet silence fills
Lonely spaces.


Your eyes
are like lost words.

Crystal–your voice
–Like the toll of bells.

We left
this space.



Trapped in grey constellations
Of love without a sound.
Feeling walls where there are no walls
to rest my weary self.

Floating in silent space
Catching glimpses of light
From threads of stars
Softly weaving your face.