A Prayer

by Kloyde Caday (Poetry)

It is not possible to not reach you if ice melts from Siberia to stretch winds to unhinge me here you lock yourself in your room twice denying ghosts but your thumb easily feels the sting tapping pricking flicking from underneath the door your floor absorbs the heat of cold air you step into my prayer I sent nine days ago by clutching my left hand with a narrow opening where it grew a right ear to listen to what I would say and I would say fewer monosyllabic words so it won’t bloat and be flown by thin air I would not think more but say fewer monosyllabic words like I still love you come back to me be here with me         and I stopped for I want to say I am sorry but so-rry has two syllables and so-rry would not be said if I did not hurt you so instead I offered nine more breaths nine more silence nine more tears because they do not bloat prayers they just float freely with the prayer they are weightless they speak of heavy things like guilt and misery and longing they’re enough for me to reach your door after nine days not unhinging the door but sliding underneath it with your thumb being tapped by silence and you would step into my prayer on the floor in the heat of cold air and hear my breath to say monosyllabic words I still love you come back to me be here with me with tears of guilt and misery and longing and they are not ghosts you deny twice when you lock the door they come clutched from me unhinged from here through Siberia where ice melts to stretch winds to reach you.