Rorate Coeli

By Generoso Opulencia (Poetry)
(For Dr. Zd)

The sound of peltings
on leaves, grass, and roofs
is slowly coming in

As we share the blessings
of the sea and the fields
in a bowl of steaming
tamarind broth.

We talk of funerals
mutual acquaintances
the Papal visit
judgments from
workshop seats.

Views of the sea from
a hillside dwelling:
flinging the past
piece by piece

Till we joy in the drowning
raw acquaintance with the
evening breeze after the rain

(Editors’ note: Rorate coeli is the opening line of the Advent hymn “Rorate coeli desuper et nubes pluant iustum,” which means “Bring, heavens, dew from above, and, clouds, give rain to the just.”)